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Pulpa Coffee’s Participation at Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024

Pulpa Coffee is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024, two of the most prestigious coffee events in the region. These events promise to gather coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and experts from around the world to share their knowledge, innovations, and passion for coffee.

Expo Café Chile 2024: A Premier Coffee Event

Expo Café Chile 2024, slated to be held at Espacio Riesco on July 13-14, is the fifth edition of what has become the largest coffee event in Chile. With over 100 stands, the expo will feature national and international experts, various competitions, tastings, and a fair showcasing coffee entrepreneurs and roasters from Chile and around the world​. This event aims to attract more than 16,000 coffee lovers and make a substantial impact on social media, reaching millions of people​ .

Cina Café: A New Addition to the Coffee Scene

For the first time, Chile will host the Interamerican Coffee Congress, known as Cina Café, alongside Expo Café Chile. Cina Café aims to be a pivotal gathering for coffee professionals, offering an array of workshops, presentations, and discussions on the latest trends and advancements in the coffee industry​.

Pulpa Coffee at Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024

Pulpa Coffee is thrilled to participate in both Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024. Our founder, Ytzvan Mastino, will play a prominent role at these events. Ytzvan will deliver a presentation titled “Café Inteligente: La inteligencia artificial en la industria del café de especialidad” (Smart Coffee: Artificial Intelligence in the Specialty Coffee Industry). This presentation will explore the emerging trends and applications of AI in the specialty coffee sector, highlighting how technology is revolutionizing coffee production, processing, and brewing.

Ytzvan’s talk will delve into several key areas:

  • AI in Coffee Cultivation: How AI-driven data analytics can optimize growing conditions, pest control, and harvest timing.
  • Processing Innovations: The role of AI in refining coffee processing techniques to enhance flavor profiles and consistency.
  • AI in Brewing: Innovations in brewing methods using AI to achieve perfect extraction and flavor balance.
  • Market Trends: Analyzing consumer preferences and market trends using AI to tailor coffee offerings.

Brew Bar Collaboration with Carlos Medina

In addition to his presentation, Ytzvan will join Carlos Medina, the 2023 World Brewers Cup Champion, at the Brew Bar. This collaboration will feature specialty coffees from Panama, providing an opportunity for attendees to experience some of the finest coffees prepared by two masters in the field. This interactive session will allow participants to learn about the unique characteristics of Panamanian coffees and the brewing techniques that highlight their exceptional qualities.

Why Attend Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024?

These events are not only a platform for showcasing the latest in coffee innovations but also a space for networking and professional development. Attendees can expect:

  • Insightful Presentations: Learn from industry leaders about the latest trends, technologies, and practices in coffee.
  • Competitions: Witness top baristas, roasters, and brewers compete in national championships.
  • Workshops and Tastings: Participate in hands-on workshops and tasting sessions to enhance your coffee knowledge and skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with coffee professionals, enthusiasts, and suppliers from around the world.

Pulpa Coffee is honored to be part of Cina Café and Expo Café Chile 2024. We invite all coffee enthusiasts and professionals to join us at these events to explore the future of coffee through the lens of innovation and expertise. Whether you’re interested in the latest AI applications in coffee or simply want to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup, these events offer something for everyone.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Expo Café Chile website and follow their YouTube channel for updates and live stream.

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